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Bisca Staircase

Boundary Space recently visited the Bisca workshop to observe and learn about their manufacturing process, meet the craftsmen and see a recent staircase design take shape.

We understand the value of forming close working relationships with artisan suppliers to produce the most coherent and best realised designs.

To this end we take a hands-on approach, involving ourselves at every stage: meeting and communicating regularly with suppliers throughout manufacture, visiting the workshop and taking a real interest in the process.

We believe that this always shines through in the end result.

Bespoke lighting

Every space and each design comes with its own unique set of requirements. For this reason, many spaces need specially adapted bespoke elements to fully realise their design potential.

Lighting is one such bespoke element. Boundary Space have extensive experience designing bespoke lighting solutions to fit unusual spaces, meet an exact design brief or realise a unique vision.

These are examples of a couple of the internal and external fittings we have designed and manufactured.