Exhibition Spaces

Immersive and engaging

Temporary Spaces offer immense opportunity for expressive design. Being unencumbered by the normal planning restrictions allows concepts to be explored to their fullest and allows for spaces which are immersive and engaging. Free from some of the normal architectural constraints, we take inspiration from other disciplines and often try to incorporate a sense of fun and wonder

Distinctive and memorable

Our temporary spaces are often the perfect mix of our branding and architectural skills. As with our retail shops, we try to create an experience that parallels the product or company we are working with. We strive to find materials, shapes and forms which together create an experience that is distinctive and memorable.

Shop Windows & Installations

Continuity and Change

We often have long lasting relationships with our clients. Carrying out multiple installations allows us to create themes which build and develop over multiple exhibitions. This in turn allows us the opportunity to create visual language, which is instantly recognisable, but also fresh and different at each exhibition. Our branding skills allow us to create a ‘DNA’ of how a brand approaches the built environment. Once this ‘DNA’ is established each installation riffs on this, creating surprising but recognisable environments. The aim for us is to create instant recognition, whilst each time being novel and exciting.

Merchandising and Installations

Our creativity does not just stop at exhibitions. We often get involved in temporary installations and creative merchandising. As with all aspects of our practice, we try to make sure that any installations contain the ‘DNA’ of a brand, as well as surprising and delighting. We strive to create merchandising and installations that draw people in with clever, entertaining and unexpected experiences.