Comfortable, Elegant, Calming

The Master Suite has become the sanctuary at the heart of any domestic project and we approach its design as a project in itself. We create a clear progression of spaces and organisation around the Client’s lifestyle. This is followed through in an airy, but relaxing aesthetic, that can provide a relief from our often hectic lifestyles.

Luxuriating in Space

Every room in a project should be a space you want to spend time in. We integrate storage early on in the interior design process, which allows us to design pieces like vanity units and armoires with the sensibility of a furniture designer, where we know the pragmatic issues have been dealt with.

Lighting and the small touches

We also look at the integration of lighting and audiovisual elements at the early stages of design to make sure it works from all perspectives, such as relaxing in the bath or reading in bed. Small touches, such as niches, wardrobe handles and blackout blinds along with a whole host of other design decisions are worked through for each Client to ensure there has a comprehensive scheme to match the way you live.