Shooting lodges, like boat houses and ski chalets are part of a wonderful subset of private buildings which are designed for a very focused activity. Unlike a house which must respond to a multitude of uses a shooting lodge has a single focus. The shooting lodge is part of a tradition of hunting lodges that dates to the medieval period. Before the invention of gunpowder hunting was predominantly about pursuit with hounds and consequently hunting lodges made the view of the surrounding countryside a key element. More recently shooting lodges have, by necessity of keeping out the cold, favoured small windows and large fires. However, the technology of modern glazing now allows us to reintroduce that direct view out to the landscape whilst maintaining a cosy interior. Successful buildings always reflect the time in which they are built and hunting lodges have changed reflected prevailing traditions and views on field sports. This shooting lodge reflects the modern movement toward conservation in shooting and its re-wilded landscape and use of local natural materials all demonstrate this respect for the environment.