Branding, Packaging Design and Art Direction


For us creating a brand is about creating a visual DNA which encompasses the essence of the company that commissions us. The first part of our process is always the same, we get to know our client, their aims, values and aspirations. We translate this insight into colours, forms, rules, materials and everything else needed to allow the client to be physically represented. In common with our practice philosophy, we believe in continuity and the branding, packaging, interior design and architecture should all be related, creating a coherent physical presence for the client.


There are many parallels between architecture and packaging. Both have constraints, technical and constructional considerations and both need to be beautiful, to delight and to communicate. As many of the great brands know, there should be a seamless visual conversation between the interior of a store, the product packaging and the values of the company. We relish the challenge of creating packaging that is practical and relates to the clients other physical presences, including interior design and Architecture.

Art Direction

As with much of what we do, there are times when we need to bring other specialists on board. With direction these specialist skills can be harnessed to add to the brand whilst maintaining continuity. We have a vast array of creative consultants we work with, from app and web designers to photographers and food stylists, all have a part to play and we work tirelessly to ensure that everyone in the team is pulling in the same direction.

Environmental Branding


Whilst many companies understand the value of communicating their brand through packaging, websites and graphic design, far fewer realise how important the spaces in which their shops and offices exist are. These spaces are often large and powerful communicators of a company’s aims and values and should be treated with the same approach as any other part of the product presentation. We feel that there should be no boundary in design between the branding and the environmental design. Great products and services should be displayed and purchased in buildings, interiors and external spaces which communicate the same message.

Complete design

In some of our projects, we have carried out not only interior retail design but merchandising, graphic design, advertising design, digital signage, packaging and work-wear design. The continuity multiples the impact you can have and creates a harmonious and consistent company ‘personality’