Notting Hill Townhouse & Basement

Facade retention & Basement

The Client’s brief was for a modern multi-functional London family home. The original building was completely stripped with only the facades remaining. We then extended, lowering the existing lower ground floor and creating a new basement level under the existing footprint and out into the front and back gardens. The staircase was removed and reconfigured to better serve the new layouts we designed on the upper floors and at the very top we opened up the roof structure to create a double height library space for the family.

Contemporary Flexible Style

The Client was looking for a stylish, sophisticated and coordinated design that also allowed for practical day to day use and flexibility to use spaces more formally when required. We achieved this in a number of ways, for example by hiding services in bespoke cabinetry, integrating and hiding functional parts of the kitchen behind pocket doors and creating a set of sliding screens in collaboration with a mirror artist to allow the family area to convert to a formal dining space within seconds.