Restaurants, Cafes, Bars


Restaurants, cafes and bars compliment well with our private residential work. Both are about creating unique and complex experiences, which are immersive and hugely enjoyable. We work hard to create physical parallels to the food and beverages being offered by using materials, lighting and details that enhance the experience. We understand that in retail timing is critical and we have a number of processes specifically designed to allow a quick turnaround from concept to installation

Never forgetting function

We start every project by looking not only at the references and values of the product, but also by analysing the process needed to create it. Time and motion studies of existing operations or similar operations are assessed to ensure that new projects are operationally effective and efficient. We have a coterie of technical consultants that we can rely on for specialist advice; from the best way to set out a sushi kitchen to an acoustician able to design enclosures that allow planning permission to be granted for a commercial extract. Whilst most people laud the look and feel of our schemes, it is the practical elements which make or break a project.

Understanding the consumer

Whilst understanding the client is important, so too is detailed knowledge of the consumer. We study, in detail, the target consumers for all our projects. It is only through getting to know them that we can assess how the materials and cultural references we use in our design will be understood and viewed. Often a restaurant or business model will want to be present in more than one location, to do this any differences in demographic need to be understood and often changes are made to the aesthetic to better resonate with the location. We have recently been engaged in translating brands between countries, this involved skilfully protecting the original characteristics whilst adapting the branding to make it relevant and exciting to European and north American markets.