Spaces for Living

For many of our clients, whether they want to create a new home, or alter an existing one, it is about creating a better way to live. The way we live today is different from even just a decade ago. As architects we understand that the spaces we inhabit affect the way we interact with our family and friends. Often historical homes struggle to cope with the way we live, and families can find themselves segregated. We are skilled at creating homes which bring people together, they can be expansive enough to host parties, but intimate enough for family life. In doing this we study closely how our clients want to live and we manage the light and space, privacy and openness, to give them beautiful spaces tailor made to the way they want to live.

The New Library

Technology changes how we live. The radio, television and computer have all shaped the layouts of our homes. Whilst the changes of the last half of the 20th Century were largely about immovable items of technology, the wireless era and proliferation of personal devices affords new opportunities. The traditional home layout can often mean that these personal devices lead to a lack of interaction, individuals engaging privately in separate rooms. Our answer is to bring back the library. The heyday of the library was the 18th Century, when families would engage in different pursuits in a shared communal space. Whilst originally this might have been needle work, reading and correspondence, our modern counterpart creates a similarly comfortable environment for checking emails, children doing home work, listening to music and updating social media, all simultaneously and as a family.